Welcome to the animations section of Christopher Barnatt's Nebula7 web showcase.

I have been producing animated films for over 20 years. The first of these -- an 8mm puppet animation called Ken and the Loch Ness Monster -- was a runner-up in the Young Filmakers Competition on BBC TV's Screen Test way back in 1983. I then went on to make over 30 cartoon animations, most of which were produced for the BBC TV Programme Hart Beat. More recently (well I guess the best part of a decade ago now!) I have started to make computer generated (CG) films.

For more information on some of my animation projects, please select from the links below.

  • Annabelle's Antics: a series of short online animations (link is to the Annabelle's Antics website).

  • Departure: a six minute CG animation produced between May 2004 and November 2005.

  • Ann Droid's Holiday: a nine-minute CG animation about a robot and her holiday . . .

  • Hart Beat animations: 24 cell animation cartoons produced for the BBC TV series "HART BEAT" from 1988-1993.

If you wish to produce your own still or video CG imagery my links page may also prove of interest.

All images on this site are produced by and (c) Christopher Barnatt.