By September 2005 all "traditional" character animation (including all voice work) was completed, with attention turning to the effects-heavy final shots where Nathaniel and Jevetta reach their moment of ending and beginning on which the film is based. The image above is a frame from the main "transformation shot", as produced from multiple layers rendered in LightWave[8] and composited in Above After Effects Professional.

In order to avoid risk of producing a shot that looked only 2D, the camera is in constant motion around the characters during the shot's entire 653 frames (26.1 seconds). This shot alone involved 3.82 gigabytes and over 3,300 files of final rendered and composited elements, excluding all the 3D models and textures. This shot's less than thirty seconds of animation and their source files therefore only just fit on one back-up DVD! If nothing else this goes to show how important good data management (often termed in the industry "data wrangling") can be when producing CG animation.


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