Between 1998 and 1993 I produced 24 cartoon animated inserts for the last six series of "HART BEAT". At the time this programme was amongst the top rated childrens' TV shows in the UK (the top rated for two of these years), and featured ever-popular artist Tony Hart, who many in the UK remember from his earlier shows "TAKE HART" and "VISION ON".

The schedule for "HART BEAT" was always tight, with storyboards being requested and approved around February. I then usually had around ten weeks to produce and line test the animation drawings -- and from them to ink and paint the final animation cells -- before shooting took place on the Oxberry computer-controlled animation cameras located in the East Tower of Televison Centre in West London.

Please click on the years below to access images from animations produced for each of the prospective series of HART BEAT I worked upon.

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